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Date Item
13-Oct-2018 SMIT 1.0.0 has been newly released
14-Oct-2018 OpenSSL with IBIHOP 1.0.2o has been newly released

Known issues

Date Item Status
13-Oct-2018 Not all combinations of Raspbian and kernel are working properly. For instance, the latest Raspbian image does not work with kernel 4.7.y or kernel 4.14.y. Open
13-Oct-2018 The PyDtls 1.2.3 is not working properly with SMIT project. Please use PyDtls 1.0.1. Open
13-Oct-2018 Lower than pandas 0.23.0 will NOT work properly with SMIT project. Open
14-Oct-2018 At certain cases, segmentation fault at EC_GROUP_free() from libcrypto will be occured. Open