Install Package 3 – Configuration and installation for server

Package 3 configures the server’s IP and static route. A successful configuration allows the server to connect with the border router (configured in Package 2) through IPv6 connection. The installation instructions are as following:

  1. Go to the directory “<location path>/CSIRO/smit/serversetup/”.

  2. Edit configuration file “config”.
    • Check and/or change the name of Ethernet interface connected to the border router.
    • Check and/or change the gateway to the border router’s IPv6 address. Do not use the router’s 6LoWPAN address.
    • To recover the default configuration, copy the back up configuration file ”.config” to “config”.
  3. Run the Python script “” to install package p3.
    $ sudo python -install p3
  4. Reboot the system or restart the network.
    $ sudo service networking restart

    Note: Sometimes the static route will be removed due to the change of network environment. Please run the above command to refresh the network settings.
  5. Check the route table to see if the static route has been added. Run the above command if the static route disappeared from the routing table.
    $ route -6


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