Install Package 1 – Configuration and installation for Pi

The Raspberry Pi initialization will configure the Raspbian kernel version to 4.7.x and enable IEEE 802.15.4 radio. A successful installed Raspberry Pi is able to use the radio and 6LoWPAN networks. The installation instructions are as following:

  1. Plug the SD card (with the Raspbian system) into the SD card reader then connect it to a Linux machine.

  2. Copy the deploy package “CSIRO” to a preferred location and go to the location.

  3. Edit configuration files in “<location path>/CSIRO/smit/pisetup/”. There are two configuration files: “config” and “config_kernel”. Go to the directory “<location path>/CSIRO/smit” after modification.
    • “config”: contains general configuration for kernel and radio, etc.
    • “config_kernel”: contains configuration for kernel compilation.
    • To recover the default configuration, copy backup configuration files ”.config” and ”.config_kernel” to “config” and “config_kernel”, respectively.
    Note: Not all combinations of Raspbian and Linux kernel are working properly. We recommend to use Raspbian 2016-09-23 and Linux kernel 4.7.y.
  4. To install the Raspbian and the package on a new SD card, please use the following command.
    $ sudo python -install p11 -f xxx
    • Specify the device lable “xxx”, such that “sdb” or “mmcblk0” to install the Raspbian system and the package. Note that do not specify the partition lable such as “sdb1” or “mmcblk0p1”.
    • Optional argument ‘-c’ specifies the checkout options for Linux kernel installation.
    • The script (online) installs needed dependencies.
    • If the kernel is successfully configured, a “CSIRO” folder, which is the same as the unzipped folder of Step 2, will be copied to Raspberry Pi at “/opt/src/CSIRO” (by default).
    • Before installation, it is strongly recommended to use “-d” option to check the device name of the SD card. Please ensure the device name is correct, otherwise other disks would be damaged.
  5. (Optional) To install package p11 on SD card which already contains Raspbian system.
    $ sudo python -install p11 -b sdb1 -t sdb2
    • “boot” and “root” partitions (on SD card) must be provided, such that sdb1 and sdb2.
  6. Plug the SD card back to a Raspberry Pi and boot the system. Then, set the system timezone to the same as that of the device which will be used as CA later.

  7. Go to the directory “/opt/src/CSIRO/smit”.

  8. Run the script “” and install package p12 to enable IEEE 802.15.4 radio on Raspberry Pi.
    $ sudo python -install p12
    • To enable the specific radio, modify the configuration file “config” in /smit/pisetup before installation.
    • The radios can only be installed on Raspberry Pi.
    • If kernel configuration is not required for installation, please manually copy the folder “CSIRO” to Raspberry Pi.
  9. At the end of installation, please reboot the system before use.

Note: The tool ndisc6 will be automatically installed. By default, a client stops communication to the radvd router every 30 minutes (can be modified in “/etc/radvd.conf” that maximum is 9000 seconds). In this case, please run the following command to refresh the connection.

$ sudo rdisc6 lowpan0

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