Welcome to SMIT (Secure and Modular IoT)

SMIT Project

SMIT package implements a basic IoT platform which consists of sink server, IoT devices, private Certificate Authority (CA) and border router.  With this package, an interested user can build a secure IoT communication network over RaspBerry Pi and openlab 802.14.5 radio easily and quickly.

This package provides the following functionalities:

  • Create OS image for raspberry pi (3B).
  • Setup private CA as well as supporting components like Online Certificate Status Protocol (OCSP) and time synchronization server.
  • Setup border router for the IoT platform which uses Radvd. It supports both wireless (6LoWPAN) and Ethernet (IPv6) networks.
  • Setup sink server.
  • Create sample server application.
  • Create sample client application.
  • Security support sub-package which wraps necessary security components like PyDtls.
  • Create testbed for network and security performance evaluation. Note that this sub-package is the major part for experiment, while others are for the system preparation.



IBIHOP is considered more efficient than traditional authentication mechanisms DH+signature (at least theoretically). IBIHOP is thus a desirable key exchange mechanism for resource-constrained IoT devices and networks.
This package integrates IBIHOP into DTLS by extending the OpenSSL implementation. Since DTLS is a standard protocol and widely used in IoT networks, this package improves the usability of IBIHOP by making it as a new security option in the extended OpenSSL implementation. In this package, the compatibility of OpenSSL is kept.

IBIHOP in Contiki

Contiki is an open source OS for IoT. With nano-ecc, we implemented IBIHOP in Contiki. The Cooja simulator has been used to evaluate the performance of IBIHOP with Tmote sky.